Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just had a great idea on how Western Nations can get all sorts of cheap immigrant labor. Let’s import cannibals from New Guinea. After all, they only eat other people who cast magic spells on Cannibals (called swangees) because of their religious beliefs and since we here in the West have Laws that protect “Freedom of Religion” blindly, why, we could prosecute anybody who discriminates against them.

Benefits of Cannibal Immigrants…

The first benefit that would be gained would be the lowering of wages in Western Nations. This would benefit businesses whether they are big or small, but mostly big businesses. After all, we no longer discriminate against totalitarian regimes that essentially have slave labor anyway.

The consumption of tax payers would result in less Social Security that would have to be paid out. As devious as this seems, the nihilists who think the world is overpopulated would heartily approve of this since the Cannibals are eating the people they despise. The other side of this benefit is that the amount to be paid out to the Cannibals for Social Security would be much less than that paid out to long term non-cannibal taxpayers. Those tax payers who are not consumed by the cannibals could be paid their Social Security with a larger Tax Base filled by working Cannibals.

Employers could fire Employees who discriminate against Cannibals and hire more Cannibals for lower wages. Remember the goal here is to maximize profits! Of course one of the problems would be that citizens of Western Nations would be angry about losing their jobs to Cannibals, but they could be told, “It’s a dog eat dog world, errr… or something like that”.

Other Reasons for letting Cannibals into the nation…

Another benefit of letting cannibals in would be to destabilize the nation and the economy so that political power could be consolidated into a one party system. There’s no doubt that the incredibly destructive activities of a huge number of cannibals in the non-cannibalistic superpower would destabilize the country. Both political parties would of course be complicit in allowing this to happen since there isn’t all that much difference between the two political parties anymore. This is known as the “big hut philosophy”. However one political party would be far more complicit in the destruction of this nation’s economy. This political party has become a socialistic if not a communistic political party. Eventually this political party will use energy shortages and ultimately food shortages as weapons against their own population to force them into submission. This Party will pass legislation to take away any weapons that the non-cannibal population might possess, so that the Cannibals could more effectively attack the non-cannibals and to keep the non-cannibal population from overthrowing their government.

Legal Organizations...

We could set up an organization of attorneys to fight legal battles against those who would discriminate against the cannibals. I am thinking that we could call it “Cannibals Are Immigrants (with) Rights” or CAIR for short. Oh wait, that acronym has already been taken. How about “American Cannibal Lawyer’s Union” or ACLU, oh wait, that acronym has been taken too! Wait, I have got it!! This legal organization will be called the "Cannibal's Constitutional Civil Protection" (organization) or CCCP for short. The attorneys fees of this legal organization would of course be paid by the Government in all the cases that they file.

Strategies for making Cannibalism Tolerated...

We could also coin new jargon like “CannibalPhobe” or “CannibalPhobia” and anybody who exhibits CannibalPhobia, and discriminates against Cannibals in the work place would be terminated as bigots and possibly brought up on “hate crime” charges. Remember, we have to keep those blinders on no matter how horrible and absurd the religious beliefs of these people are because this is the Law of the Land. In due time leading Cannibal Shamans would have to declare CannibalPhobia a "Crime against Humanity" and pressure the UN to pass measures to prosecute those who are guilty of CannibalPhobia.

Taking over the United Nations Human Rights Commission would be essential in establishing the Cannibalistic State. Through an international government organization “human rights” from the Cannibalistic perspective could be forced upon the entire world and thus the entire world could be forced to submit to the Cannibalistic belief system.

Next, we could invent other new terms such as “Moderate Cannibal” or say, “Hey, not all Cannibals are eating other people!". (Who cares if their religious beliefs say they get to eat anyone “legally” whom they think has cast a magic spell on them?). We could establish Cannibal Courts where Cannibals are tried solely on the basis of Cannibal beliefs and laws of the Cannibal Society. In addition to this "Moderate Cannibals" could tell non-Cannibals that they will not eat non-cannibals as long as Cannibal Law is not the law of the Land, all while knowing that once Cannibal Law is established that it will be lawful to eat non-cannibals anytime a cannibal wants!

When a Cannibal eats somebody, or the whole tribe of cannibals eats someone, law enforcement could say, “Move along folks, nothing happening here, it’s just an isolated incident!”. Then the authorities could hire Cannibals to work as law enforcement officers in order to say, “We can all get along after all!”. I think what would eventually happen is that they would have to establish “Cannibal Watch Lists”, for suspected cannibals who might have eaten someone or might be thinking of eating someone. We could have Diversity Training for those who might be bigoted against Cannibals, if they do not conform, they get fired. Law Enforcement agencies could purchase copies of the venerated writings of Cannibalism and put them in display cases that they display in the front of their offices to show they have "good will" towards cannibals.

Another "Label" that could be applied to people who are "a little too patriotic" would be the term "Super Patriot". These people would be vilified as potential terrorists. They would also have to be put on a "watch list", just in case they decided they were going to take the law in their own hands. There's no doubt that there would be many men and women in Law Enforcement and Government agencies who would be classified as Super Patriots, who would have to be forced out of the work place. One way to get rid of the Super Patriots would be to accuse them of "being paranoid". Obviously, a person who would be overly concerned about all the Cannibals running around in our country would be paranoid.

Federal Government Influence...

Of course the Federal Government would have to get involved too and they would have to establish a new government agency to make the country safe from “Radical Cannibals”, ”Cannibalists”, or "Militant Cannibals" as they might be called. On the other hand they could call the militant cannibals "Freedom Fighters" who are merely fighting for their spiritual rights as Cannibals to freely practice their religion. Furthermore the Government could declare war against those guilty of "Cannibal-Fascism", while not defining who the "Cannibal Fascists" are or what motivates them (remember to keep those blinders on). Furthermore we could set up a special detention camp, let's say, in Guantanamo and have all sorts of Lawyers and Politicians saying we have got to give Foreign Militant Cannibals "Habeas Corpus". Think of all the money these Lawyers could make!!

Eventually we would have to stop using the terms “Radical Cannibals”, ”Cannibalists”, or "Militant Cannibals" because there's no doubt that the Cannibalists would be taking too much pride in being labeled as such. We would have to tell all Law enforcement personnel to start using more ordinary terms like "criminals" or "perps" to stop reinforcing the "self image" of being a militant cannibal warrior.

Revisions to the Cannibal History...

If the Cannibals were really intelligent, they would fabricate stories proving they had a lineage back to Abraham and claim to be the "4th great Abrahamic faith". They could have "Cannibal Scholars” who "work for free" (this would prove the legitimacy of Cannibalism) to trace the long, honorable, and “peaceful” history of Cannibalism. If anybody cited incidents of cannibals eating non-cannibals they could always point an accusing finger and say, “What about what your forefathers did?”, and list specific incidences like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Last True Seer...

The sole basis for Cannibal Law would be based on the teachings from the venerated narrations on the life of the last true seer for mankind, Imsohungre. Since all the stories have been verbally passed down and just now are being put in writing we would declare this book a miracle!! All Cannibal Law would be the result of the revelations and rulings of the great Seer. Since many of these sayings were handed down from generation to generation by the descendants of the companions of the Great Cannibal Seer, the most well know whose name was Doneetme. Doneetme once heard the seer Imsohungre say, “It is lawful for all cannibals to eat non-cannibals, they all practice magic and should be eaten. If a Cannibal accuses a non-cannibal of casting magic spells he shall consume him! All non-cannibals are animals who deserve to be eaten because they do not follow Imsohungre the last true seer sent to mankind!”.

Another of the companions of Imsohungre was Stufyofaz. Stufyofaz said the Seer said, “If a non-cannibal repents and listens to the teachings of the last true Seer Imsohungre and submits to cannibal laws and practices the things that the Seer taught, you shall not eat him. If he turns from the teachings of the Seer, he is an animal and he should be eaten!!”. Stufyofaz also reported the Seer as saying, “The testimony of a non-cannibal is worthless in the Cannibal Court, but the testimony of a single cannibal against a non-cannibal shall be valid even if it means the non-cannibal is sentenced to be consumed by the cannibal!! If the non-cannibal renounces whatever belief system he has, repents, and obeys the cannibal Seer’s teachings, you shall not eat him unless he is found to be lying about his repentance. Remember there is no compulsion in Cannibalism!!”

Another of the companions of ImsoHungre, Eetsaalot, reported that the Seer said, "It is lawful for a Cannibal man to marry a non-cannibal woman. If a she-cannibal marries a non-cannibal, she is to be put to death. If a Cannibal man divorces his non-cannibal wife, she shall have no rights to the children. The Cannibal children are to be raised in the Cannibal society!".

Another venerated companion of Imsohungre, Ieetalot, said that the Seer stated, "There is coming a Cannibal Messiah whose name is Idevhourual. He said that Idevhourual would be born of a Cannibal father and a Non-Cannibal she-devil (known as a "Uwondumas" or in modern english, "useful idiot"). Idevhourual, the Seer stated would be trained up in the most rigorous of Cannibal doctrines and would pretend to be a follower of a heresy of a major non-cannibal belief system and that the Menedumas (plural for useful idiot) could help him even correcting him when he slips up and talks of his 'Cannibal Faith' rather than his 'Non-Cannibal Faith'. They will do this out of hatred of other non-cannibals whom they don't agree with. In the end, however, Idevhourual will kill and eat those devious useful idiots first, who helped him reach his position of power since he knows they are evil and not following Imsohungre’s teachings.”
Eetsomor, another of the companions of Imsohungre, said, "Once the coming Cannibal Messiah Idevhourual deceives the Menedumas and achieves power he would appoint useful idiot judges who would demand that Cannibals be released from a war criminal prison directly into the Non-Cannibal society of the major power of the non-cannibal world. This would help bring more militant cannibals into the major power of the non-cannibal world so as to destroy this nation from within. The useful idiots who already despise their own country would rejoice in this destruction until they realize that they are to be eaten. At this point, it will be too late for them to fight Idevhourual and his militant cannibal horde.".

Standardized Cannibal clothing...

There would have to be standard cannibal dress codes for all cannibals to make them stand out from non-cannibals. One possible item that male cannibals could wear is a long pointy stick that is a phallic symbol that is used to cover the genitals. This stick would protrude a number of feet from the body of the cannibal who wears it. Good Cannibals would only wear this stick just prior to killing a swangee. This ritual would have to be made known to the people of the non-cannibal society. Then Cannibals could board airlines in teams of four to six cannibals, wearing their phallic symbol garb and terrorize non-cannibals. They could hijack airlines and kill and eat the pilots. After eating the pilots, they could crash the airplanes into buildings as the ultimate sacrifice to their version of the Creator. The usual rhetoric that "cannibalism is peaceful" would of course be spewed not only by Cannibal Shamans but also by non-cannibal politicians. The non-cannibal politicians will declare that, "The peaceful religion of Cannibalism has been hijacked!!", rather then that cannibals hijacked the airplane. Then when non-cannibals complain about a bunch of cannibals wearing their phallic symbol attire prior to boarding an airline and are kept from boarding the plane, the Cannibals could file lawsuits against the airlines for discrimination and harassment.

Another teaching concerning the wearing of this phallic symbol attire would also have to be disseminated. This teaching would be that the wearing of this phallic symbol is merely an outward sign of a cannibal struggling with his inward desire to eat. This is to say it's not a literal desire to eat a swangee just and internal struggle. The end result of these contradictory teachings of course would be that the useful idiots would defend cannibals from other non-cannibals who might be paranoid of cannibals.

Other Possible Cannibal Practices...

As you may well know, Cannibals pray to dead ancestors and "established times of praying" would have to be instituted. The Cannibal Seer (the last true prophet sent to mankind) issued an ordinance where he said, "All Cannibals should pray 3 times a day, no wait, 7 times a day, no wait, 50 times a day!! Wait, that might be too much, I think 5 times a day would be sufficient". These prayer times are at fixed times throughout the work day. In the work place, demands to be able to go out and pray to dead ancestors at these fixed times would be made to any employer where the Cannibals work. These fixed prayer times would interfere with the business and the work being done, but if anybody complains Cannibals could scream “discrimination” and strike and/or sue their employers. Cannibals could then negotiate with labor Unions in order to force all non-cannibals to comply with their “religious obligations”. All cannibals would have to face New Guinea and pray to their dead ancestors because that is the only direction that Cannibals are allowed to pray to.

I was also thinking that the Cannibals could engage in Polygamy since the polygamy laws in Western Nations are hardly ever enforced. With an agenda of breeding themselves into the majority, they could eventually take over the Government and force Cannibal Law on all non-Cannibals. No doubt the production of grills would increase under such a scenario (and I mean large grills) which would stimulate the economy!

In order for polygamy to be affective more control over Cannibal women would have to be instituted. That is why Stufyofaz expressed his concern about the Cannibal women not being covered and that non-cannibals would lust for their women. This is why Imsohungre said, “I have received a revelation from the Creator that all Cannibal women are to completely cover themselves with leaves branches, or thatching over their whole body lest the evil animal non-cannibals lust for them”. Imsohungre also stated, “The only part of a non-cannibal woman’s body to be exposed is her left eye, this is all she needs in order for a cannibal woman to see where she is going. In the last days non-cannibal young women will fall away from the Cannibal belief system, they are to be killed and eaten”. When this happens the law enforcement communities of the non-cannibals will not announce it as an “honor killing” until a year or more has passed so that the majority of people will have forgotten about the deaths of the young apostates of Cannibalism.

Miscellaneous Prophesies of Imsohungre...

Imsohungre also prophesied that Idevourual would cloak everything he does with “morality” in order to “free” people who are enslaved to what can best be described as Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. This is why Idevourual will deceive the non-cannibal people into thinking he represents what they hold to as truth, all while he is actually moving their nation along the path towards anarchy and destruction. In the name of “freedom from morality” he will enact laws and legislation that will lead to civil war. Imsohungre declared that, “Idevourual will identify himself with a man who unified the nation he has risen to power in, when in fact his real agenda is just the opposite, the destruction of that nation. This will be done to deceive the non-cannibal society, to sow the seeds of division and destruction. He will also spend this nation into incredible poverty while deceiving the non-cannibals into thinking he wants them to be prosperous. These foolish non-cannibals won’t realize what he is doing until it is too late to stop what Idevorual has done to them. After he has achieved this objective and the savagery and the freedom from the “anti-cannibalistic, moralistic beliefs” (Judeo-Christian values and beliefs), then the non-cannibals will have become so violent that they will think nothing of embracing the cannibalistic belief system and establishing a Cannibalistic State. The other power hungry non-cannibals will for the most part go along with what Idevourual is doing because they think he is helping them to seize power.”

Stufyofaz reported that the Seer of Cannibalism stated, “Idevourual will destroy the non-cannibal societies by their own miserable house. He will take the meat from the people to give to the people. (In other words through heavy taxation he will take non-cannibals earnings from them and re-distribute the money back to them after he and his cronies have taken a huge portion of it). Idevourual will also do this to keep the non-cannibals poor and afraid of losing what little they have and what he promises them in the future (which he has no intention of delivering).” Many Cannibal scholars in Cannibal nations (they do not like non-cannibals to know they talk about such things) have suggested that the things that Imsohungre stated were very similar to what Communism has done to the peoples of the nations where Communism has been embraced. In other words, Cannibalistic governments are tyrannical in nature, but for cannibals, this is considered “normal” in this world as this world is considered by them to be a “prison”. Yes, a prison which good cannibals must eat their way out of!! In fact, many Cannibal Scholars believe that Communism is nothing more than a heresy of their religion/government because it is so similar to Cannibalism except it has removed the Cannibal Creator and has turned the devouring of other non-adherents through a financial means rather than in a literal sense (killing and eating non-cannibals). The biggest irony is that when it comes to genocide (which is also considered “normal” by both communists and cannibals) they agree 100% in that both Communism and Cannibalism believe in the subjugation, enslavement, and extermination of non-adherents (ie Enemies of the State whether it be Communist or a Cannibalistic State).

Cannibals in the Military…

Cannibals would eventually be allowed into the military and there will be no surprise as to what will happen. There will be no doubt that the Cannibals will kill and eat Non-Cannibal soldiers. Anytime this happens Cannibal Shamans will say, "They aren’t real Cannibals, real Cannibals are peaceful.” or “They don’t represent all Cannibals.”.

Any time non-cannibal soldiers kill cannibal militants the leftist non-cannibal useful idiots will try to bring them up on charges of "war crimes". This will ruin the morale of the non-cannibals in the military. The non-cannibal soldiers will be given the same diversity training that people in the public sector are given, only with the threat of a dishonorable discharge or possible Court Marshall as the consequence of not tolerating Cannibals.

Foreign Cannibal Shaman Dictators would demand that non-cannibal soldiers be prosecuted under cannibal law in nations that are Cannibalistic States. There would be no surprise as to what the outcome of all the trials of the non-cannibal soldiers would be. In the vast majority of cases the non-cannibals would of course be guilty of being a swangee and be condemned to be eaten. In some instances non-cannibal soldiers would be found "innocent", only to be conveniently released near angry cannibal mobs who would kill and eat them. In other cases, the non-cannibal soldiers would be acquitted and sent back to their non-cannibal nation of origin only to be assassinated by a "mentally ill" cannibal (as law enforcement would describe them), or a cannibal who felt "discriminated against" in the non-cannibalistic society. It's easy for menedumas (cannibal language that is the plural for useful idiot) to rationalize the murder as "justified" as long as they consider the Cannibals as the "Victims".

Cannibals Committing genocide…

In due time it would become expedient for Cannibalistic “Freedom Fighters” living within the Non-Cannibal superpower to attempt genocidal attacks. These genocidal attacks would be based upon the teachings of the Seer of Cannibalism, Imsohungre. These attacks would not be for the mere purpose of killing a single Swangee for a meal but rather to kill many Swangees all at once as a sacrifice to the Creator according to Cannibalism. One way that this could be accomplished would be to send a Cannibal to a major Non-Cannibal city with a 2 liter canister of cyanide. If the Cannibal “Freedom Fighter” accidently killed himself with the cyanide, the Authorities could declare, “Move along folks, this Cannibal just had this canister of cyanide to mine gold!!”. The Authorities would say this so that “good relations” could be maintained with the Cannibals citizens of the nation. They would also say this out of fear of being labeled “bigots” or “racists” and being sued by Cannibal Attorneys from the Government financed legal firm.

Converts to the Cannibal belief system could attempt to poison the water supplies of the same large city, but the press would never use their new “cannibal names” (all converts to Cannibalism take names of the Seer of Cannibalism or his companions). The media would do this because they would be “afraid people might discriminate against cannibals” if they used their Cannibal names or wrote that these converts were inspired by Cannibal beliefs.

Other Cannibal Converts could make bombs from home made materials and attempt to gain access to sporting events to sacrifice themselves along with as many Non-Cannibals as possible. Once again the Authorities would say, “he was mentally ill”, “he was a loner”, or “he was discriminated against”. They will never use his new “Cannibal Name” that he has named himself by lest the non-cannibal public starts getting paranoid of Cannibals or out of fear of being sued.

Old cannibal women could arrange the rapes of young cannibal women so that they would want to die and could easily be recruited as homicide bombers. Cannibal women who are raped are considered essentially dead and deserving of being killed and eaten since getting raped means it’s their fault they got raped. These young cannibal women who are raped could be brought up on charges of adultery according to Cannibal Law and be offered one of two choices, be killed and eaten immediately or strap on a homicide bombing vest to kill as many non-cannibals as possible. They would almost always choose the latter because to be killed as an adulterer would bring shame on their family. Not only would old Cannibal women arrange the rapes of young cannibal women, but young cannibal boys and men would be raped as well so as to turn them into homicide bombers. The shame for the young cannibal boys is very much similar to that of the young cannibal women who have been raped. On hearing this many non-cannibal who are indiscriminate about whom they have sex with and rapists would also become interested in becoming cannibals so they could “get in on the action”.

The Forgiveness of Sins Through the Shedding of Blood...

The companions of Imsohungre repeatedly stated that he taught that cannibals were given access to Cannibal Paradise, a place where there is plenty of carrion to eat and that all natural earthly cravings are constantly satiated. This Paradise is attained through the shedding of non-cannibal blood (ie killing and eating swangees, or non-cannibals and dying (perhaps) while doing it) as a blood atoning sacrifice to the Cannibal Creator. Christians scholars argue that since all men are sinful due to being descended from the first man, Adam, who sinned, that this "blood atoning sacrifice" can only be an unholy and unacceptable sacrifice to the true Creator due to the fact that the cannibal who is sacrificing the non-cannibal(s) are all sinful. This would be like sacrificing blemished animals as a blood atonement for one's sin. It is unacceptable to God. I know that there are many people who do not believe in God at all, so let me say this... that when there are many sinful godless men, who are constantly violating the rights of others, who believe that man is "basically good", don't be surprised if as a result of this lawlessness that, inevitably there will be a bloody revolution much like the French Revolution. Where there is a lawless law, blood is the payment for sins of a society no matter what and no amount of disarming people, taking their weapons will prevent the logical consequences of a lawless government and a lawless society. When you have a nation who has whole-heartedly rejected Christ, His blood atonement for the forgiveness of sins and the refusal to repent from sin, and choose instead lawlessness, you are exchanging one "blood atonement" for another. In the eternal picture, you can only be a loser and even in the temporal picture you have a terrible price to pay for forsaking the foundation for truth and the very basis for a civil society.

Cannibals are always Innocent…

It would of course be in the best interest of Non-Cannibalistic Governments to persuade their Non-Cannibal citizens to accept Cannibals. A campaign would have to be launched to indoctrinate the Non-Cannibals to loath themselves. Any time Cannibals commit crimes against Non-Cannibals, Government Officials would issue statements condemning Non-Cannibals for the crimes of the Cannibals. Whenever Cannibals slaughter Non-Cannibals en mass, the Non-Cannibal governments will tell their non-cannibal citizens that these horrific attacks were their fault. No guilt will be attributed to Cannibals for committing genocide. Non-Cannibal governments and Politicians will immediately chastise the Non-Cannibal citizens that these atrocities are their fault for past crimes against Cannibals. Non-Cannibals will be told that they turned these Cannibals into genocidal maniacs because they didn’t accept “as normal”, people who are Cannibals.

Anti-Christian, Anti-Israeli Western Politicians…

Whenever horrific and sadistic genocidal attacks by Cannibals take place in Non-Cannibalistic nations the Anti-Christian, Anti-Israeli western politicians will announce that these sadistic attacks are because of intolerance of Cannibals in the past by Christians and Jews. These politicians may well be being bribed by ultra-wealthy Cannibal War Lords or they could just hate their own nations or perhaps both, but nevertheless these politicians will make these pronouncements without remorse.

Genocide that will be propagated by Idevhourual...

One of the first genocides that Idevourual will execute will be on the Christians in the nation of his ancestor’s origin which is called Aynek. He will give huge sums of money to his communist, cannibal cousin “Ikeelmene”, who will achieve a position of power in Aynek. Ikeelmene will align himself with the Cannibals of that country even though Christians are the majority and they will establish Cannibal law. Once this is done, the cannibalistic genocide on Christians will begin. The only news report Ikeelmene and his cronies will release will be that Christian terrorists are causing national turmoil. The truth will be that Ikeelmene will be orchestrating the genocide of Christians in Aynek. Even while this has not completely been finished a similar genocide will be in the works for the nearby nation of Airegin.

Imsohungre prophesied that the communist cousin, Ikeelmene of Idevhourual would give the command “take to the streets” which would be the signal for the Cannibals in Aynek to riot, burn down churches and slaughter Christians. (Imsohungre did not know the term communism at the time, the term in the cannibal language is now translated as “communist”.) The phrase, “take to the streets”, is the secret command to all Cannibals in all non-cannibal countries to riot and cause civil unrest and genocide. Non-cannibal nations will not think of themselves as being like the American Indians when the Europeans colonized the New World, but the truth is that is who non-cannibals are in the eyes of the Cannibals, for the massive immigration of Cannibals in to Non-Cannibal nations will be the method by which cannibals will “Colonize” non-cannibal nations. Cannibals will even claim they will be killed in their nation of origin so as to gain citizenship in non-cannibal nations. Under the guise of immigration, “Cannibal Colonialism” will take place and the menedumas (cannibal language for useful idiots) will condemn anybody as “racists” and “bigots” who expose this for what it is, “Cannibal Colonization”. The new multicultural laws, this is to say “hate crime laws”, will also be used to vilify and criminalize the condemnation of Cannibalism by non-cannibals.

Seizing Control of Communications…

Eetsaalot reported that Imsohungre stated, “Once Idevhourual comes to power he will seize control of all forms of long distance communication.” Many cannibal scholars believe that this is what Imsohungre did concerning what was called “runners” in his day. This is to say the runners were the form of “long distance communication” in Imsohungre’s day, or what in modern day would be called the main stream media. The whole issue here is concerning control of information about what is being done by those in power. This is why many Cannibals believe that once Idevhourual seizes power, he will by means of giving huge sums of the non-cannibal’s wealth to essentially “purchase” all forms of news media. There are also many who contend that Idevhourual will place many restrictions on what is posted on the internet or what is viewable on their internet so that there is essentially a “news black out”. Eetsaalot also reported that Imsohungre stated, “Idevhourual will propagate the messages, ‘peace, peace‘ and ‘all is well’ to non-cannibals while he is destroying their nation by their own miserable house.”

Financing the Cannibal Agenda...

Hypothetically speaking, all this could be a reality had only cannibalistic societies been oil rich. They could use their vast wealth to establish "Cannibal Shamans" who are the clerics in "Cannibal Learning Centers" all throughout Western Nations. They could give generous contributions to elected representatives and even build them libraries which would no doubt have special sections on the History of Cannibalism.

Another source of financing would be to set up Cannibal Charities in the Western Nations. These Charities would raise money which would in turn be funneled to Cannibal “Freedom Fighters” in other nations. Non-Cannibals would be solicited for money as well. It would be preferable to name the names of these charitable organizations with innocuous sounding names or acronyms. A few good examples would be, “Holy New Guinea Land Foundation” (HNGLF) , “North American Swangee Eating Organization” (NASEO), or “Really Feed the Children” (RFTC). Telemarketing companies with non-cannibal employees will be given a set of deceptive questions and answers to bilk non-cannibals out of their money to fund the Cannibal war against Western Civilization. This will be done to keep cannibals from making gaffs and revealing their desire to consume non-cannibals.

According to the venerated narrations on Imsohungre’s life he was reported as saying that Cannibal Banks are not to be like non-cannibal banks. Cannibal banking is not to charge interest on loans concerning metal currency like Gold or Silver but it can charge interest on currencies that are not metal. Non-Cannibals will be told they cannot take a loan out in a Cannibal Bank unless they have an account there. Any money that non-cannibals save in the Cannibal Banks will of course be applied toward the Cannibalistic agenda to wipe non-cannibal societies off the face of the earth. Imsohungre was also reported to have laughed hysterically as he stated that, “Non-Cannibals are fools who will entrust their riches with Cannibals and Cannibals will use their own money to kill and devour them!! ”. All Cannibalistic Banking will be arbitrated solely on the basis of Cannibalistic Law which means that Non-Cannibals will have no rights to the money they put in the Cannibal Bank. These teachings will be openly told to the Non-Cannibals but they won’t believe that Cannibals will take them for all they have because Non-Cannibals will be told that there is no difference between Cannibals and Non-Cannibals. It was also reported that Imsohungre said that non-cannibals are to be told that this story doesn’t mean what it says but it is merely meant to be interpreted spiritually to mean something altogether different.

International Pressure...

Since one of the premier laws in the codified legal system of Cannibals is that all non-cannibals who make fun of the Seer Imsohungre are to be assassinated and eaten, demands would be made by non-cannibalistic governments to extradite those guilty of mocking the venerated Seer of Cannibalism. Immense pressure would be made to hand over those guilty of making fun of the teachings of the Seer, New Guinea, or anything to do with Cannibalism, for prosecution under Cannibal law. What’s more intentionally insane teachings about the nature of the world would be attributed as the teachings of the Seer so as to inspire non-cannibals to mock the Last True Seer. Then the assassinations could take place.

Useful Idiots…

Of course none of this would be possible without useful idiots to defend Cannibal beliefs and practices. No doubt there are plenty of those around these days. It would be extremely important for Cannibals to not eat these people until after all those who oppose the Cannibal State are consumed. Then these remaining non-cannibals who were so useful in helping the establishment of the Cannibal State would have to be eaten lest they realize they are on the menu. They could be pressured to convert to Cannibalism, but they would have to remain in a second class status regardless of their conversion and most likely eaten until they are all eliminated. Remember they will serve no useful purpose after the Cannibal State has been established. This is what the Seer Imsohungre taught. In fact, all the teachings including this one could be posted on the internet. The useful idiots will be told that none of these teachings are meant to be taken literally, but that it's all just spiritual and talking about an inner struggle with ones own desires to eat too much!!!

There’s no doubt that there will be those who will research the teachings of Cannibalism and eventually create movies warning against the impending Cannibal Government (For example the movie, “Eating Obsession”). Therefore, this is another situation where the useful idiots will come into play. Since all the useful idiots have to be told is that, “Cannibalism is Peaceful”, they will defend the Cannibals as “the victims. Of course the term “peaceful” in the Cannibal dictionary would not mean “the absence of hostility” or “the absence of war”, it actually means “there will be peace when all have submitted to the Cannibal State and the Cannibal Belief System”. Useful idiots will be told repeatedly that “Cannibalism is Peace”. The useful idiots will also be told that those who have been eaten, “probably did something deserving of being eaten”, “that they were in a place they shouldn’t have been”, or “that they must have said something to offend Imsohungre, New Guinea, or the teachings of Cannibalism”. At any rate, they deserved what they got, it was the will of the Creator.

One strategy that could be used to fight those who oppose Cannibalism would be for Cannibals to “stage supposed attacks” on Cannibalistic Learning Centers. When the media comes to investigate they won’t be able to stop themselves from slobbering with apologies for the alleged attacks on Cannibals and will willingly publish unsubstantiated reports of terroristic attacks on Cannibals by non-cannibals in countries that are not ruled by Cannibal Law.

Another way that the useful idiots could help the Cannibal Agenda would be to have Talk Show Hosts interview Cannibal Shaman Dictators on Westernn TV. The talk show host would have to sit there and try to paint a “human face” on the Cannibals so that Western Citizens would think, “They are just like us!! All is well!!”.

The companies that compose the books for the educational system would have to be infiltrated somehow whether by bribes or any means necessary to revise the history of western civilization and the peaceful religion of Cannibalism. Textbooks that are used will vilify Christian Missionaries for attempting to change the religious beliefs of Cannibals, and as can be expected the loony leftists will gleefully teach these things as “truth”. To them, “it’s in the book after all, it has got to be true”. Anything in the textbooks that deride Judaism or Christianity would of course eventually receive complaints, but they won’t dare say that “it’s a conspiracy” lest they be mocked, even though to say nothing means their future destruction. These book companies will be financially rewarded for putting the revisionism into print, after all, it’s “all about the money”.

Other Useful Idiots...

Imsohungre the seer of Cannibalism also prophesied that, “those who lay with those whom they should not lay with will be menedumas. Once the cannibal messiah, Idevhourual, achieves power” . He also went on to say that they would assault and attack the adherents of religions that preach that what they do is “a sin”. They will assault and attempt to change the laws of their home nations so as to force their perversion upon those non-cannibal adherents, even though these non-cannibals will be kind to them and pray for their repentance. This will, in turn, help to destabilize the non-cannibal nations and their governments and help the Cannibals towards the agenda of establishing a Cannibalistic State.

Other Doctrines and Tenets of Cannibalism…

As mentioned earlier, Imsohungre the Seer of Cannibalism stated that, “Cannibalism is the fourth Great Abrahamic Faith”. Stufyofaz reported that the Seer said, “All other people’s of the book (Jews, Christians, etc) have corrupted the true revelation that the Creator meant for mankind and that is why the Creator sent Imsohungre with the last true revelation”. In addition to this Imsohungre also said, “Since all these people have corrupted the revelation from the Creator, they have no rights to any land, and that all lands of the world belong to those who follow only Imsohungre, the last true Seer of mankind. This is why a perpetual war on all who do not follow the doctrines and precepts of Cannibalism must be waged. Cannibals are to tell non-cannibals that this is not a literal war on them, but just an inward struggle with oneself concerning one’s desire to eat too much.” This would explain why organizations like the “International Council of Churches” would condemn Conservative Protestant Christians of being “terrorists” rather than the cannibals. These people in the International Council of Churches would also condemn the Conservative Evangelical Christians and the Jews of being Terrorist Zionists for believing that the Jews are to possess the land of Israel.

Interfaith Dialog…

Interfaith dialog would have to be established with the non-cannibal religions of the world and particularly those who no longer believe in the teachings of their own religion. These people will without a doubt be the most useful idiots of all. That is why many of the more liberal churches who don’t believe anything in the Bible could be bamboozled into thinking that Cannibalism is peaceful and these people would be very instrumental in defending Cannibalistic belief systems. Eventually the most insanely moronic leaders of these churches would concede that Cannibal Law is inevitable and submit to Cannibalistic rule. These people would be like a rancher’s livestock who do not know that they are being fattened for the slaughter. This is why they are the perfect useful idiots.

Cannibal Shaman Scholars could contend that there really isn't that much difference between Abraham who was commanded to sacrifice his own sin Isaac and that many Cannibals have sacrificed and eaten their own sons as accused Swangees. Another comparison of the similarity between Cannibalism and Christianity would be the doctrine that some Christian Churches teach called Transubstantiation. (Transubstantiation is the belief that when the bread is blessed it literally becomes the body of Christ.) Cannibal Shaman Scholars could say, "See, you eat Jesus every time you take communion, we aren't that different after all!" Churches that promote abortion would be told by Cannibal Shamans, “We too believe in eliminating the unborn when we eat a pregnant Swangee she-devil!” These churches that are essentially apostate would gleefully embrace Cannibals as "brothers".

The heads of the “christian” churches who no longer believe anything in the Bible will announce that there is no longer any reason to tell Cannibals the Gospel (And why not? They don’t believe it themselves!!). As a consequence even some of the people in their own churches will renounce their christian faith and join the Cannibals. Ultimately Cannibals will continue to practice their cannibalistic beliefs in the utter darkness which they call “light”.

Hate Crimes...

Cannibal Students at Universities could stage "hate crime" scenes where they accuse unnamed, masked, white male assailants of assaulting them. They could stage apparent assaults in a bathroom and scrawl on the mirror, "Kill All Cannibals!". Then the Cannibal students could text message their other cannibal friends to come and help them and file false police reports with the expectation that the Authorities will go on a manhunt against all white non-cannibal males. They will also claim that the reason they were assaulted was because of their cannibal beliefs. If the authorities request that the victim get medical attention for their injuries, then the cannibal victim will refuse assistance. If the authorities discover that the "hate crime" scenes are staged and file charges against the allegedly assaulted cannibal, they could contact the government financed Cannibal Lawyers organization and sue the local police into dropping all charges against the cannibal(s) whom they have arrested. Immediately after the alleged assault, useful idiots will be duped into staging protests against those who would dare to discriminate against Cannibals for their religious beliefs.

Other Factors in the Destruction of the West…

Western Governments will promote multiculturalism and pass laws to criminalize any other opinions on whether one culture or another is superior. Children will be indoctrinated in the educational system that all cultures are equally valid and invalid at the same time even though it is a contradiction. Children will also be taught that all cultures are evil and good all at the same time. Text books will promote this doctrine and ridicule Christianity and Judaism as “intolerant” all while ignoring how intolerant many other belief systems of other cultures are. Educators will be harassed out of the work place if they do not agree with multiculturalism.

Atheism or agnosticism will also be promoted in the educational system. Christians and Jews will be told they have no say in Government because the laws of the land discriminate against them only. This is what they will claim that the term “Separation of Church and State” means. In other words only people of any other belief system than Christianity or Judaism can be involved in the political process and the Laws say that Christians and Jews are to be discriminated against. The previously mentioned legal organizations that are funded essentially by the Government will file lawsuits towards this end.

Western Governments will promote a welfare state on their own populations which will be very much like what was done with the American Indians. The public will then continue to vote in more politicians who will vote more and more welfare for them until there is nothing more than a cesspool of lazy worthless people who despise those who disagree with their political biases. These people will think of themselves as people who want “Change”. These Western governments will pass laws to force lending institutions to make loans to these undeserving people who will not be able to repay what they borrowed. In the end this will result in the collapse of these lending institutions. These Governments will however, have a plan to take the money from the population of their country from the very beginning and give it to these lending institutions so that they can continue to give out the bad loans. This will artificially inflate sectors of the economy which in turn will result in more taxes being collected. As far as the men who are in power in these Western Governments are concerned, they will tell themselves, “we are in power, we say who is committing a crime and who isn’t”, therefore, they will not have anybody prosecuted for any of this fiasco. Once this begins other “Fat Cats” will fly to the capitals of these Nations in their "Eagle's of Gold" (now thought to mean "expensive corporate jets") and go into the capitals with “tin cups” like beggars also demanding the public’s money. The first time that they try this, they will be told “don’t fly in here with your "Eagles of Gold" asking for a handout, drive in a vehicle and beg us for money”. These men will in turn give generous contributions to the politicians who fill their “tin cups” with tax payer’s money. Keep in mind there will be fewer and fewer real “tax payers” because all incentives for working hard to get ahead will be gone with the new “spread the wealth policy” that these elected officials espouse.

In defense of the Fat Cats with tin cups it must be said that these Western Governments love to tax them excessively so that they are essentially forced to export jobs from Western Nations in order to “remain alive”, “be competitive”, or “maximize profits”. The same parasites who tax them so heavily removed all sanctions and barriers that prevented businesses in Western Nations from doing business with nations that have a policy of human rights violations. This in turn created more welfare demanding citizens in Western Nations who in turn continue to vote in these blood suckers who promise to “share the wealth”, until there is nothing but a cesspool of crooked men in positions of power waiting for bribes or with bribe in hand.

Another reason that Western Nations will fail is the utter corruption of the politicians. These politicians will offer the vacated seats of elected officials who have “moved up” or “moved on” for sale to the highest bidders. Although there will be an occasional few who will actually be prosecuted, those being prosecuted will be few and far between. The main reason so few will be prosecuted will be because Law Enforcement will not want to be in the undesirable position of being something like a “whistle blower” in reference to corrupt politicians. There are always backlashes in such situations.

Judges will be appointed who will interpret the founding fathers documents in whatever manner they want to, they will say that these documents are, “ living documents”. In other words, these words on these pages do not mean what they plainly say, they mean whatever the Judges want them to mean. These Judges will essentially say that any laws pertaining to individual rights would not really mean that individuals had rights, but rather that they have no rights. In other cases they will say that minorities and those who practice things that most people consider "intrinsically perverse” are the ones whom these documents say should have rights and should be protected against the majority. These Judges will say that the authors of the nation’s constitution meant that the “wealth should be spread equally” and will legislate the seizing of property from some people and giving it to others from the bench. All of this will be done to destabilize the economies of western nations. Furthermore these Judges will say that all property is not “personal property” but rather the “property of the people”. In due time the common phrase that will be heard in western nations will be, “it’s for the good of the people for it is the will of the people”. All politicians will eventually chant this mantra.

Another reason that Western Nations will go to their destruction will be because those men in positions of power who could expose the criminal activities of the socialistic/communistic thugs in power would not do so for whatever reason. Perhaps they are afraid of reprisals? Perhaps they too have been receiving bribes? Even the judiciary who could expose people in the leftist party would not do so and through their indolence they let their nations go to ruin. Imsohungre prophesied that, “Idevourual will replace the judges in the lands of the non-cannibals with judges who are sympathetic with cannibalism because of bribes. This will further lead to the destruction of non-cannibal nations. He may even have some of them assassinated (and possibly consumed) so that he can have more judges who are sympathetic with cannibalism.”

In those nations where the Constitution says that the citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, non-cannibalistic governments will order their law enforcement officers to break into the homes of non-cannibals like jack-booted thugs and seize their weapons. There will be no doubt that there will be gun battles with people who are fighting for their right to keep and bear arms. Many of these law enforcement officers who are involved with this will be prosecuted and imprisoned even though they were ordered to do this much like the case of the two border agents. These officers will be like an attack dog whose master commands them to attack someone and then is punished for doing so.

The main reason that Western Nations will be destroyed by the Cannibals will be because the non-cannibal people of these nations will pride themselves on tolerating people whose belief systems are what can only be described as "Tribal". This is to say that only those people in the "Tribe" have human rights and all others are animals to be slaughtered or enslaved to perpetually finance the tyrannical Cannibal State. Another way of putting it is that it the most basic and intrinsic law of the real Creator will be ignored which is, "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" or the negative of this rule which is, "" one should not treat other people in the manner in which one would not want to be treated by others”. Nevertheless, these wicked men regard such a teaching as "weakness" and consider those who believe this to be "sheep for the slaughter", they are genocidal. Indeed these are men who want to invent their own right and wrong devoid of any consequence either in this life or the hereafter. Indeed these men are of what can only be described as a "criminal mindset" who are always looking for the opportunity to "devour the homes of orphans and widows". In fact, the common non-cannibal citizens in Western Nations have very little in common with their nation’s founding fathers. They would no doubt gnash their teeth in mocking and derision of their own founding fathers if they knew what many of them really believed to be true about God.

In addition to all the afore mentioned reasons as to why western nations will be overthrown by the world wide cannibalistic war on non-cannibals Imsohungre prophesied that, “those who lay with those whom they should not be laying with will change the laws of the non-cannibalistic world so that if you discriminate against them, you have no voice in government”. This can plainly be seen in the recent attempts by crooked lawyers who are trying to remove all attorneys who do not approve of people who engage in indiscriminate sexual acts from being lawyers.

So who is to blame for the destruction of Western nations? I have heard it said that, "the laws of a nation are based upon the common beliefs of the people of that nation". This is a very important axiom to know for it is the root cause of the destruction of Western Nations. Laws are designed to discriminate against "wrong doers", the law does not make anybody a law abiding citizen, it just discriminates against those who violate it. The root cause of why Western Nations are being destroyed can quite simply be put as this, "the common beliefs of the people have changed". In other words, the common beliefs of the people of Western Nations have changed to the point where they no longer are able to discern between good and evil, right and wrong. This has happened so much so that they cannot discern that those people of other nations who hate them and want them dead are the least bit "evil" and "lawless". This is why men whom they have elected into power who are what can best be described as "Globalists" will open the borders of their own Nations to the flood of "immigrant hoards", people whose own native lands have laws that would discriminate against them, lands that are accustomed to "tyranny". It is essentially allowing foreign colonizers to come in and gain a numerical advantage in these Western Nations, so much so, that they become the people with the "common belief", and their common belief is this, that they will discriminate and exterminate, the "natives" once they have the numerical advantage. Why would these Globalists betray their own people, their own nation? Governmental mismanagement over a long period of time? Is it because these natives of Western Nations have "voted themselves the Treasury" and these Globalists accommodated the masses? Are these Globalists just "do-gooders" who for the cause of "feeling good about themselves" have decided to give everything to foreigners who unrepentantly hate them? Or are these Globalists something more sinister like Socialists and Marxists who want a one world government as though that is the solution to the World's ills? People in Western Nations have forgotten that it is not the poor who oppress them, it is those who have money and power. Are these Globalists just men and women who somehow thing that bigger and bigger Government is the answer to all the worlds ills? Not likely, it's much more likely a situation of establishing a aristocracy where their families hold power and hand it down to their descendants much like some of the Marxist Dictators have done.

Another reason that western nations will be destroyed by the coming Cannibal State will be because they no longer loved their own offspring anymore. Imsohungre prophesied that, “Idevourual once he comes to power will pass laws so that non-cannibals can annihilate their own offspring even after they have essentially been born (what is meant by this is a “botched abortion”). People in the West will be so much like Cannibals that there will be women who slaughter their own offspring while their child is holding out their arms and saying, “I love you Mommy”, and yet “Mommy” will still slaughter her own offspring.”. Imsohungre also said, “At this point in time, the non-cannibals won’t be all that different than cannibals and will have an ear to hear the teachings of the one true Seer of the Creator, Imsohungre!!”.

There is one other reason for the destruction of the West, and perhaps the best way to explain it is with a comparison with God's dealings with Israel or rather Judah when he sent Jeremiah the Prophet to warn them of the calamity that was coming upon them. I think it may be best to quote some of what God told Jeremiah here in chapter 17 of that book...

5 Thus says the LORD,
"Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind
And makes flesh his strength,
And whose heart turns away from the LORD.
6 "For he will be like a bush in the desert
And will not see when prosperity comes ,
But will live in stony wastes in the wilderness,
A land of salt without inhabitant.
7 "Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD
And whose trust is the LORD.
8 "For he will be like a tree planted by the water,
That extends its roots by a stream
And will not fear when the heat comes;
But its leaves will be green,
And it will not be anxious in a year of drought
Nor cease to yield fruit.
9 "The heart is more deceitful than all else
And is desperately sick;
Who can understand it?
10 "I, the LORD, search the heart,
I test the mind,
Even to give to each man according to his ways,
According to the results of his deeds.
11 "As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid,
So is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly;
In the midst of his days it will forsake him,
And in the end he will be a fool."
12 A glorious throne on high from the beginning
Is the place of our sanctuary.
13 O LORD, the hope of Israel,
All who forsake You will be put to shame
Those who turn away on earth will be written down,
Because they have forsaken the fountain of living water, even the LORD.
14 Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed;
Save me and I will be saved,
For You are my praise.
15 Look, they keep saying to me,
"Where is the word of the LORD?
Let it come now!"
16 But as for me, I have not hurried away from being a shepherd after You,
Nor have I longed for the woeful day;
You Yourself know that the utterance of my lips
Was in Your presence.
17 Do not be a terror to me;
You are my refuge in the day of disaster.
18 Let those who persecute me be put to shame, but as for me, let me not be put to shame;
Let them be dismayed, but let me not be dismayed
Bring on them a day of disaster,
And crush them with twofold destruction!

Education in Non-Cannibal Western Nations…

In many Western Nations the rights of parents will be taken away by individual nations submitting to an International Law which will be called “The Children’s Rights Law”. This Law will not really be about Children having rights, but rather that the parents of children have no rights concerning their own children. This law will criminalize parents teaching their own children about their fore father’s faith so that the (essentially) atheist/agnostic government can take the children from their parents because the government will call them, “unfit parents”. They will pattern this after what Imsohungre did when he essentially took away the rights of new converts of cannibalism (by forced conversion) and indoctrinated their children in cannibalistic beliefs. In this way Imsohungre perpetuated the Cannibalistic belief system upon all those whom he conquered. Many of the cannibals who are alive today have no idea concerning their own ancestor’s belief systems because of this policy.

Aiding and Assisting the Enemy... Non-Cannibal Think-Tanks...

Eventually Cannibals would realize that they needed "think-tanks" that would create propaganda to deceive the non-cannibal masses of the Western Nations. These think-tanks, who would actually be non-cannibals, would come up with propaganda that would proclaim that, "The world would be just as violent with Cannibalism as without it. They would say it's all really just politics and colonialism which has always gone on and that all countries are really just the same”. Non-Cannibal think-tanks would come up with this propaganda for the simple reason that they “want to make a profit”, even if it means the destruction of their own nation. These non-cannibals would rationalize what they are doing in aiding and assisting the enemies of Western Nations with thoughts like, “This won’t happen in my life time!”, “If something bad happens, that is the other non-cannibals fault, it’s their problem if they are so stupid they don’t understand Cannibalism!”, and “At least life will be good for me!”. You can see where the menedumas (useful idiots) got this saying from! The main reason for saying these sorts of things would be to encourage non-cannibals to despise their own nation and culture, and to short-circuit their thinking so they would not realize what was going to be done to them by the Cannibals once the Cannibalistic State is established.

Lunacy in the Non-Cannibal War Colleges...

The Non-Cannibal War Colleges of Western Nations could hire Cannibals to teach them that Militant Cannibals are just distorting the teachings of Imsohungre. This would be akin to hiring Nazi's from Nazi Germany to teach the future generals of Western Nations that Nazism is all about peace and that not all Nazis want to kill non-nazis and establish a Global Nazi State. No doubt the non-cannibals who hire these cannibals to teach them about how Cannibalism is "peace", will just smile and think, "hey we really can all just get along". All the venerated writings concerning the wars that Imosohungre waged, would be totally ignored by the Cannibal instructors who teach the Non-Cannibals so as to keep them ignorant of the strategies that were used by Imsohungre when he waged wars against Non-Cannibals. Especially the strategies he used of deceiving non-cannibals so as to kill them and eat them and how he raided the trade caravans of those who he longed to rule over in order to destroy their economy. These are the foundational teachings of Imsohungre concerning how to destroy non-cannibals.

Conversion of the Non-Cannibal World…

Imsohungre the Seer of Cannibalism said, “There will come a time when the people of the non-cannibal world will vote into power men who will promise to rob their neighbors and give them their neighbor’s money. It will be at this time that these people will be ready for the message of the last true Seer. Why wouldn’t they want to hear that the Creator according to Cannibalism has already legalized the robbing, enslaving, and devouring of Non-Cannibals? Why wouldn’t the new Cannibal Converts want to go to paradise as a reward for doing these things that the Cannibal Creator has legalized?”. Many Cannibal scholars have commented that the Cannibal Creator gave Imsohungre this revelation so that new Cannibal Converts who might have guilt pangs over obeying the Cannibal Creator could appease their consciences for the committing of what they might have once considered “atrocities”. Imsohungre also stated, “At this point in time the governing authorities will already be sympathetic to the teachings of Cannibalism since they are already robbing the Non-Cannibals they govern over.”

The Betrayed Lover...

The day will come when non-cannibals will be like a betrayed lover who wonders, “Why have you betrayed me?”. There are a number of factors involved in why this has happened. First of all these non-cannibal men who are in positions of power, do not believe that, “all men are created equal”. In addition to this they do not believe that the ordinary citizens of Western Nations have “human rights”. For these men these are just phrases to parrot, to deceive the masses into voting them into power. To these men, cannibals and non-cannibals are alike in the sense that they are ignorant and should be enslaved. There is no God for these men for whom they will have to give an account, there is no judgment or wrath of God that they should fear. All there is, in essence, is their appetite, their appetite is their God. To these men, there is no justice or punishment to come for the deeds they have done in this life. There is no such thing as a “criminal act” for them. For these men in positions of power all there is, is “Rex Lex” (the King is the Law), thus “all things are permissible for them” for there is no such thing as “lawlessness” to them.


Stufyofaz said that the true Seer of Cannibalism once said that, “When the Cannibal Messiah comes and joins the heresy of the major non-cannibal belief system, all the “crimes and atrocities” (which the Cannibal Creator legalized for cannibals to do) that he commits will be blamed on that heretical belief system. In their hatred of other non-cannibals they will be blinded so as to not see that they will be like a goat being lead to the slaughter. All the wrath and anger of the non-cannibals will fall on them instead of the Cannibals for the “crimes” that Idevourual will commit against the non-cannibals!!”

Imsohungre also prophesied that, “Idevhourual will establish a ‘government within the government‘ when he comes to power. The foolish non-cannibals who are in his political party will think the is all for their political party since what he is doing is helping to line their pockets with the money of the common taxpaying citizens of the non-cannibalistic nation he has come to power in. They will also think he is a good party member because they think they are achieving the goal of a single party form of Government. At first these non-cannibal politicians will most certainly ‘prosper’, but in the end when Idevhourual thoroughly ruins the economy o f the non-cannibal superpower, the massive amounts of money these foolish non-cannibals will have will be essentially worthless. In other words, he will destroy them by their own greed and betrayal of other non-cannibals they rule over.”

The New Slavery…

Another reason that Western Nations will be destroyed will be because the common people will no longer believe that the “borrower is the slave to the lender” which comes from the ancient book of wisdom called Proverbs (in the Bible). Instead, the people in the West will mock this teaching and despise those who warn them of this. In this way, these people will borrow money that is far beyond their means to pay back. They will become enslaved to those whom they have borrowed from. Imsohungre stated that, “Because so many people will have enslaved themselves to the lenders of the Non-Cannibal society, and because these financially enslaved non-cannibals refuse to deny themselves their indulgences, that this will be one of the main reasons that Idevhourual will rise to a position of supremacy over Non-Cannibals. Idevhourual will promise these “financial slaves” that he will rob their neighbors to free them from their financial slavery, that in fact he and other non-cannibal politicians have set them up to be enslaved by, through previous laws they have enacted!! Idevhourual will succeed in this matter because he knows that these non-cannibals are only serving their own appetites and refuse to be responsible and live within their means!! Idevhourual will succeed because these evil non-cannibals will listen to his 'Gospel of Envy'!! “.

The Lesser of the Two Political Parties…

As I mentioned before the two major political parties would both be complicit in destabilizing the nation in order to establish a one party system. Eetsaalot reported that Imsohungre said, “When the lesser political party is called upon by the non-cannibal society to do something about Idevhourual, they will simply respond to the non-cannibal population with the following expression, ‘You do something, you have the power!!’, instead of being responsible themselves. The reason the Lesser Political power will do this is because they want to leave all options open to themselves so that ‘life will be good for them’. In other words, they will gladly ‘jump ship’ and join in with Idevhourual if need be so that they can continue to live the good life. What’s more these men in the Lesser Party will tell the non-cannibal population that they should ‘peacefully protest’ as though this will make any changes at all. Imsohungre also reportedly laughed hysterically when he said these things because he knew these men in the Lesser Political party would be cowards and hypocrites.”

The War Against God…

Some Christian Scholars contend that the Cannibalistic agenda of establishing Cannibal Law as the law of the world is in fact a war against the True Creator Himself all while claiming to represent the Creator. The contentions are as follow…

1. The Cannibal Law that non-cannibals are animals that can be enslaved or slaughtered at any time a Cannibal wants, is in complete contradiction to the Law of God which is based on the commandment, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. This is to say that there is only one thing that will inspire one man to refrain from committing a crime against another and that is this commandment. In addition to this, out of a sincere love for the Creator and a fear that one’s own conduct would give cause for non-believers to slander (blaspheme) the name of God on account of the behavior of those who trust in Him. Governments of men and law enforcement cannot be omniscient, nor can they “prevent crime” (all they can do is conduct an investigation after the fact and punish wrong doers) this very foundational teaching (do unto others…) is the basis of “human rights” and a “civil society”, whereas Cannibal Law is a legal system designed to deny human rights and to make the denial of human rights “normal” as modern day psychologists would call it.

2. The enslavement of Non-Cannibals by Cannibals is a human rights violation. This is coercion into the belief system of Cannibalism even though Cannibalistic teachings deny that they do this. (The reason it is coercion is because if non-cannibals convert to cannibalism, the cannibals may stop killing, eating, or enslaving them, but there is no guarantee they will really stop. This is what is meant by “Cannibalism is Peace”, this is to say, they will stop waging war on non-cannibals if they convert to Cannibalism.)

3. Even within Cannibalism there are human rights violations by Cannibals on other Cannibals. There is no real protection even within Cannibalism to protect one Cannibal from another. At any given time one Cannibal can accuse another Cannibal of being a Swangee (one who casts magic spells on another Cannibal) and can kill and eat him/her. One Cannibal can even accuse another Cannibal of not being a “True Cannibal” or a “Good Cannibal” and kill and eat him/her. Another way of putting this is, the intrinsic law of God “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, is not in the hearts of cannibals to restrain them from wrong doing as they can, at any given time rationalize the killing of not only non-cannibals, but cannibals as well.

4. Cannibalistic teachings on the robbing of Non-Cannibals by Cannibals as ”lawful” are completely in contradiction of the afore mentioned commandment of God. In fact it is in essence saying that the Creator has authorized his own followers to commit crimes and atrocities in His name.

5. The heavy taxation of Non-Cannibals by Cannibals in order to coerce Non-Cannibals to convert to Cannibalism demonstrates that the Cannibal version of the Creator is a cruel Dictator. It’s an irony that Cannibals claim that their version of the Creator is “Benevolent” when he has to financially pressure people to believe in Him or else the non-cannibal are murdered, eaten, or heavily taxed to terrorize them into conversion.

6. In addition to these foundational teachings, it must be noted that an in depth study of many of the things that Imsohungre taught were nothing more than what many other peoples who were not cannibals also taught, but which because of modern science, we know is utterly false. Many people’s in Imsohungre’s day taught things concerning the shape of the earth and how the universe was constructed that we now know are not true. They also taught many things concerning where bodily fluids were created within the body that were also incorrect. They simply didn’t understand where these fluids were created. Nevertheless, Imsohungre also taught these things as well and claimed them as revelations from the Cannibal Creator. He did this to try to get non-cannibals who believed such things to think he had the “truth” and to believe he was a “Seer”. It was done to get people to follow him and obey him in the establishment of a Cannibalistic State.

The preceding reasons are only the beginning of the contention that the Cannibalistic War on the non-cannibal world is in fact a War on the true Creator. There are many, many other proofs concerning Cannibalistic teachings on the shape and design of the world and universe that modern science has proven that Cannibalism is blatantly false. What most non-cannibals who have no belief in God at all do not realize, is that these people cannot be reasoned with, they are soldiers in their cause to stamp out all things are opposed to Cannibalism. Perhaps the better term is, “Devour and destroy all things that oppose Cannibalism”.

Some might ask, why are Marxists and Socialists aiding and abetting Cannibals in their agenda to establish a Cannibalistic State the world over? The answer to this may be best described as this is a case of, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Western Nations and Marxist Nations have historically been involved with using Cannibals to wage “Proxy Wars” against one another. All nations have used Cannibals to war against one another because they know these people have no problem with killing any non-cannibals. There are contentions that Marxism with its utopian propaganda is nothing more than the Mafia wearing a "Mask of Benevolence and Morality". This is in fact true for Marxism is just a “changing of the Aristocracy” in the name of “for the good of the people for it is the will of the people”. Marxism is also waging its own war on the Creator and the very thing they denounce, materialism or capitalism is what they most covet. It’s all about playing on something which is never going to leave the hearts and minds of men… “belief”. This is to say that to persuade people to “believe something is true” is more important than whether “what they are proposing as the truth, is in fact the truth”. It’s nothing new, you see it all the time in various cults like Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. He was a Marxist who openly wrote that he was going to create his own cult and deceive Christians, thus they had their “Revolutionary Cyanide Kool-Aid Party”. To me, this is the only path that those who believe in Marxism are heading, to a suicidal self destruction. It’s no wonder they have no problem destroying others without remorse. This too demonstrates that there is nothing in the heart of a Marxist to restrain him/her of committing crimes against others. As Christ said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has no place of governance in their hearts.

Betrayal Reconsidered…

One of the biggest questions that non-cannibal scholars have raised is, "Why would the non-cannibal politicians betray their own constituents to Idevhourual?". After much debating some non-cannibal scholars have come to only one conclusion, that these men want a civil war between people of different skin color. Cannibal scholars point out to a saying of Imsohungre, where he stated something to the affect that, "Idevhourual will be like a raisin!". These scholars contend that Idevhourual will be a person of color and that these non-cannibal politicians will gamble on using skin color, or rather hatred of other people based on skin color as the way to have what can best be described as a "race war". The final conclusion that non-cannibal scholars have concerning the motivations of these non-cannibal politicians is that they want genocide on non-cannibals and a "civil war" just as much as cannibals do. The big question is, "Why would these non-cannibal politicians want this?" and the only logical conclusion that these scholars could come up with is that the non-cannibal politicians have mismanaged their own governments and they pilfered from the nations they swore an oath to serve. On the other hand there are dissenting voices from other non-cannibal scholars who contend that a “race war” is no longer a possibility since the percentage of people who are genuine racists are a small minority of western populations. This does not mean these non-cannibal politicians won’t make an effort at bringing this genocide about since they have so badly mismanaged their nation’s finances. One thing is certain however, the vast majority of non-cannibal scholars believe that the economies of western nations will be destroyed by the non-cannibal politicians who will work with Idevhourual. To these non-cannibal politicians, Idevhourual is the “ideal fall guy” as the culprit who ruined their nation’s economies because he is all too willing to do it.

Marxism and Cannibals…

There are some non-cannibal scholars who have asked the question, “Why would the Marxists collude with the Cannibals to destroy Western Civilization?”. When you are talking about Marxism, you need to understand first and foremost that the utopian ideals of Marxism are quite seductive. After all who doesn’t want “world peace”? And who doesn’t want the “elimination of poverty”? And who doesn’t want mankind to have “a benevolent heart devoid of envy”? (This is where the class struggle of Marxism and the condemnation of consumerism comes from). For some odd reason, Marxists think that they can re-program people in re-education camps and that this will change their hearts and minds. What actually happens when this goes on is that those people who are “re-educated” (depending on their convictions concerning right and wrong) will either end up dead because they cannot be re-educated or they will learn to recite back to their instructors what they are supposed to have learned. It’s similar to a chick regurgitating what the hen has fed it.

Essentially there are two kinds of Marxists and a third that is a hybrid between the two. The first type of Marxist is the idealist otherwise known as a “useful idiot”. This is what the vast majority of Marxists are for the other type of Marxists which I will describe shortly wants it this way. The Idealist Marxists are people who have forsaken any belief in God at all but want all the benevolent teachings of Christianity. This is to say they want the charity, the lack of envy (craving material things), so on and so forth.

The other type of Marxist, which I will call the Narcissistic Marxist or perhaps a better description is Criminal Marxist are those Marxists who perhaps have never in their hearts held to any of the ideals, but “joined the cause” because they saw it as a movement where they could use the Idealists to fulfill all their lusts. In other words, these men and women cloak all they do in morality so as to conceal their true purpose of fulfilling their avarice. Once again these men and women do not believe in God at all.

There is a strange sort of metamorphosis between these different kinds of Marxists for those who start out as the Idealist Marxists sometimes transform into the Narcissistic Marxists (having given up on the supposed intrinsic goodness of man I suppose). The transformation for the Narcissistic Marxist comes when he sees his own mortality and decides to kill himself in a “revolutionary suicide”. Jim Jones, who was a Marxist, had his armed guards inject many of the Idealists with cyanide Kool-Aid at gun point. It was as though, “Fearless Leader now wants to die, and he wants all of you to die with him”. You could compare this to what Hitler, who was a Socialist, did when he essentially led Germany to the brink of extinction. Some scholars believe that when the Narcissistic Marxists decides he wants to kill all the other Idealist Marxists and himself, it is his feeble attempt at killing all the evil in the hearts of all mankind. In the final analysis Idealistic Marxism recognizes that there is “evil in the heart of man”, but re-education does not take it out, this is why Marxism can only end in “revolutionary suicide”.

I was thinking that perhaps more should be said about the communist that is a hybrid between the two types of communists. This is to say, the communist that is what appears to be part Idealist Communist and part Narcissistic Communist. These people are every bit as dangerous as the Narcissistic Communist in that they are willing to sacrifice other Idealist Communists if they believe it will preserve them or if they think that by doing this sort of thing, it will help them advance to a greater level of power. The Hybrid Communist craves the power of the Narcissistic Communist and even admires the conscienceless deeds of the Narcissistic Communist no matter how destructive these deeds might be. The dilemma of the Hybrid Communist is that he has to be careful not to appear to be too ambitious to the those who are in power because he might become a victim of what can best be described as a Stalinist Purge. In other words, a Hybrid Communist may end up in a gulag where he is worked to death within a year or he may simply get a re-organization of his brain cells (ie a projectile bouncing around inside his head). This could happen anyway since typically the ruling Narcissistic Communist is essentially afraid he might be deposed at any time.

Idevhourual – A comparison to Jim Jones and the People’s Temple…

Many non-cannibal scholars see startling parallels between Idevhourual and Jim Jones. Jim Jones was a Marxist whose plan was to infiltrate the Church and deceive church going people. Once he got to the stage of deceiving people to sell all they owned, withdraw all their savings, and give it all to him, Jones had complete control over all those who “worked” under his management (so to speak). It was like a workplace with a thieving, corrupt, perverse boss who did whatever he wanted to do to his employees because he knew they had no other place to go and he would slander them if they told the horrible truth about him. Many of the “prophesies” concerning Idevhourual paint a very similar picture of how Idevhourual will rise to power. For instance, his contentions concerning “change”, this is to say that he will continually speak about “class warfare” and “redistribution of wealth”. There are other ironies as well concerning Idevhourual, for example his bi-sexuality. Imsohungre had many confusing teachings concerning human sexuality in that he promised 'Indiscriminate Sex' in the Cannibal Paradise and yet forbade it here in this world (although many cannibal and non-cannibal scholars admit Imsohungre was a bi-sexual, perhaps even engaged in beastility, and in fact child molestation as well since all things were permissible for him). It should be noted here that Jim Jones was also a bi-sexual. The same will be true concerning Idevhourual because he will have the “same spirit” as Imsohungre. Idevhourual will also humiliate anybody whom he suspects is a defector much like Jim Jones did and ruin their lives. In addition the menedumas will go along with Idevhourual and aid and assist him not realizing that they are selling themselves into (financial) slavery because Idevhourual promised them he would create “heaven on earth”. An even more disturbing comparison that is made concerning Idevhourual is that instead of deceiving a church, he will join a political party and deceive them much like Jim Jones did with the church going people whom he deceived into following him. One of the biggest ironies is that many of the people whom Idevhourual will deceive will be people who have ancestors who were slaves even though none of his ancestors will have been slaves, but rather slave holders (of one type or another meaning actual slaves or financial slaves through usurious lending). Yet, these people will naively think he is like them when in fact he is the same kind of tyrant as those who enslaved their ancestors. You may be wondering, “How does this compare to Jim Jones?”. As I earlier stated, Jim Jones was a Marxist and what he essentially did to the people of his “church” was to enslave them, he was a slave holder which is (in my opinion) the goal of Marxism, to enslave the masses in the name of “the good of the people for it’s the will of the people”. In other words it’s cloaking all this wickedness with a false outward morality. The most puzzling thing is why the media go along with all this and promote what Idevhourual is doing? The answer to this is simple, they don’t think they will suffer the same servitude as the masses and that “things will go well for them” as long as they go along with Idevhourual’s agenda. The media did the same thing with Jim Jones, nothing but good things about him right up until the article that was published about him which caused his flight to Jonestown. It won’t be the same in the case of Idevhourual, they won’t dare expose him unless they have decided that their lives are over anyway.

Eschatological sayings of Imsohungre….

Imsohungre is reported to have stated that, “In the last days Idevhourual will seize power and deceive the menedumas who are in positions of power to go along with all he proposes in robbing their own people. For Idevhourual, this is lawful to him because of the beliefs in the Cannibal Creator. For the Menedumas in the positions of power who are aiding and abetting what he is doing, it will also be because of what they hold to be true, that they can rob their neighbors as well, not because of their belief in a Creator at all, but rather because they believe there is no God for whom they have to give an account to and that there is no consequences for committing crimes against their neighbors.” Imsohungre also stated, “Idevhourual will deceive the powerful menedumas into lowering their national defense so that the many enemies of their great nation will be better able to carry out a ‘giant feast’ (this is translated as holocaust in modern English) on their nation by means of a military operation called ‘bitter tree’ which is perhaps better translated as ‘Wormwood’.”. Many non-cannibal scholars think that this operation will be a nuclear strike on this nation because the enemies of this nation think, ‘the world would be a better place without this nation’ (meaning that the nations who attack this super power are genocidal). Imsohungre also went on to say, “At this time there will be so many people within this nation who have been deceived (thanks be to the Cannibal Creator) that they will essentially help the nations who are the enemy of this nation to destroy it. These people will be godless and shameless by this point in time and since they are all for robbing their neighbors anyway, they will love to hear the message about how the Cannibal Creator has made it legal to do such things!!”.

The New False Religion of the Non-Cannibals…

Eetsalot reported that Imsohungre stated, “In the last days the non-cannibals who are in power will invent a new religion based on the environment. They will deride all other non-cannibal religions and even the Cannibal belief as being false all while promoting what they preach as being true. They will constantly point an accusing finger at non-cannibals as being guilty of destroying the environment so that they can levy “sin taxes” for everything they consume. All that consumes energy, all that produces energy, even the air they breathe they will be told is destroying the environment (some non-cannibal scholars translate this as “carbon credits“). It will be a constant barrage of, “GUILT, GUILT, GUILT, TAX, TAX, TAX“, that the non-cannibals will hear from this new false religion.”. Eetsalot also stated that Imsohungre was rolling on the ground and laughing insanely while he told of these things to come and that he too was laughing as well. Eetsalot went on to say that Imsohungre said, “It will be at this time that non-cannibals will finally be so accepting of a lawless law that their eyes of their understanding concerning the Cannibal Creator’s law, that it is lawful for Cannibals to eat non-cannibals to establish the Cannibal State will be heartily accepted!!! (They will also be very hungry after having paid all they have for these sin taxes!!)” Many non-cannibal scholars say that there is an element of “dark truth” to this since this is now a time where “there are few honorable men”.

Another Prophecy of Imsohungre …

Doneeme reported that Imsohungre stated, “In the last days there will be people who shall be referred to as ‘The people who are like Beryl’ who will aid and help Idevhourual to achieve his objectives of destroying the non-cannibals!! They will do everything to force the peoples of the Non-Cannibal world to regress and become more like hunter gatherers!! They will also tell them that they need to reduce the size of their populations and even enlist Cannibals in this objective!! (Once again Imsohungre was laughing hysterically when he said this as it was his manner to do so when talking of exterminating non-cannibals) These “People who are like Beryl” will be the worst kind of hypocrites you can imagine for they will live luxurious lives while they desire to enslave the masses of the non-cannibal world and feast on the fruits of their labor!! They will tell the non-cannibals that even the stench that comes from them is destroying the world and the menedumas will believe them and loath themselves to the point of wishing others and even themselves dead!! ”. Many Cannibal scholars contend that the term Beryl may be more properly translated as “green” although the color described is in fact a color more akin to the color of decaying flesh or gangrene. Nevertheless, these Cannibal Scholars applaud what the Beryl People are doing (even though they secretly drool at the thought of eating them). Imsohungre went on to say, “It’s too bad these Beryl People don’t follow the Cannibal Creator for they are so close to the ‘truth’!! Nevertheless these foolish masses of non-cannibals who will already be accustomed to tyranny even where they live will vote Idevhourual into power. These non-cannibals will already be accustomed to slandering their neighbors and those with whom they work to (in their minds) secure their personal income. The non-cannibals will essentially be destroying their neighbors just as a cannibal would destroy a Swangee!! The non-cannibals at this point in time will also be accustomed to deceiving those whom they work with so that they can malign them and destroy them either economically and eventually literally!! What is more they will not feel any remorse for what they have done because the non-cannibals will say, ‘There is no God!!’ or they will say, ‘If there is a God he won’t destroy anybody’. Either one of these things will brand their consciences as one brands a slave!! They will feel no guilt!! Oh that they were Cannibals knowing that doing such things is sanctioned by the Cannibal Creator!! Had these non-cannibals only known that the Cannibal Creator will not return until all non-cannibals have been eaten!!!!”.

Imsohungre went on to say concerning the Beryl People that, "There will arise from amongst the Beryl People one whose name is 'Invendaned'. The origin of this name comes from two words in the Cannibal language of Imsohungre. The first word is the word which comes from the cannibal word describing the goring of a man by a boar and the second word comes from the word which can best be translated as 'oracle'. Imsohungre is reported as saying, "Invendaned will go amongst the non-cannibals and constantly accuse them of destroying the world. This will be his constant message because he will be receiving a fortune from the Beryl People. The reason the Beryl People will do this is because the form of government they support is one that enslaves non-cannibals like they are livestock. These Beryl People are people who build fences to keep their 'livestock' in, for the masses of non-cannibals in their eyes are nothing but livestock for them to enrich themselves and make themselves 'rulers for life, unimpeachable except by death'. Invendaned will quote other false People of Beryl who will all be saying the same thing condemning non-cannibals of destroying the world through their very existence. This all will help Idevhourual to destroy the Non-cannibal super power of the world and establish the world wide cannibal state, for even though the People of Beryl know what Cannibals are about and think that they can kill them before the cannibals eat them, they will be wrong. Idevhourual will already have plans on how to exterminate as many powerful People of the Beryl in a single day after they have helped him destroy the super power." Many Cannibal Scholars believe that the cannibal term for 'Beryl People' may also be translated as "Communist", since they have a long track record of enslaving the masses, they of course have huge sums of riches which they have confiscated and stored up from the enslavement of non-cannibals in the Communist nations in the world.

A Delusional Generation…

Eetsalot reported that Imsohungre stated, “In the last days the non-cannibals will be delusional. They will walk about with their heads in the clouds proclaiming how ‘intelligent’ they are all while thinking of themselves as being like those whom they most venerate!! They will also pride themselves in tolerance, tolerance of Cannibalism all while they won’t embrace it!! It means this my fellow cannibals, they are our next meal, they are the ones whom the Cannibal Creator has given us for food!!”. Eetsalot also stated Imsohungre laughed hysterically when he spoke of these things. Many Cannibal scholars say that the “positive confession movement”, that so many non-cannibals have embraced, fits this prophecy perfectly. These scholars also say that the worship of Hollywood Celebrities and behaving like them is further proof that this prophecy has been fulfilled. Non-Cannibal scholars have stated that the intrinsic consequence of tolerating evil is self destruction or the destruction of a nation and that there is absolutely nothing supernatural about this at all.

The War Against the Elderly and Infirmed...

Ieetalot reported that Imsohungre stated that, "In the last days the beryl people will infiltrate the governments of non-cannibal nations and establish something called 'death by bad medicine'. He also stated that the people who will be targeted by these policies will be the elderly for they are the ones who will be proclaiming the warning cry against what the beryl people are doing." Imsohungre went on to say, "This will happen right after an extended period of great advancements in cures by medicine men in the cannibal society. The beryl people will be amongst the non-cannibal elders when they pass judgment on medicine men concerning people whom they could not save from death. All the wealth of these medicine men will be given to the beryl people and a small portion to the families of those who die. This will empower the beryl people to destroy these non-cannibal societies from within. This will have one other side affect that the beryl people may or may not realize will happen, it will help the cannibal cause to establish a cannibal state all over the world!!" Ieetalot reported that all the companions of Imsohungre began to drool at the thought of eating young naive non-cannibals who didn't understand what cannibalism was all about. Imsohungre also stated that, "Naive young and old non-cannibals would all go along with this for a number of reasons. First they will be accustomed to wanting something for nothing, this 'death by bad medicine' will be sold as a good thing, a common sharing of the expense of the services of medicine men all while it will really be about the beryl people and the people of the government fleecing the naive non-cannibals. The end results of 'death by bad medicine' will essentially be, another phase of the war on non-cannibals by their own government. It will be designed to kill the elderly people of the non-cannibal nations so as to more easily enslave the younger more naive people of non-cannibal societies." It should be noted here that non-cannibal scholars consider the "death by bad medicine" as being something like Socialized Medicine today and that the effect of this horrible health care system can only lead to the massive death of the older citizens of western nations and the dumbing down of the younger people. Cannibal Scholars say this shouldn't be hard to do since non-cannibals are more interested in "bread and circuses" than they are in anything else. Imsohungre also stated that, "When sensible people of non-cannibal nations start raising alarms there will be arrogant people who think they are exceedingly intelligent who will say, 'What else are we going to do?' and 'We will be better off with the government of the beryl people!!', who will oppose, harass and get rid of people who warn them that these things are going to happen!!" As was so often the case when Imsohungre made these statements, Imsohungre laughed hysterically.

A Non-Cannibal Scholar's View on the Economic Crisis...

I thought long and hard about this current economic crisis and how it relates to the false prophet Imsohungre's prophesies concerning cannibalism and have come to the conclusion that when wicked men are in power it's not hard to predict what sort of crimes they will commit. This is certainly true concerning the things that Imsohungre predicted, it was just the evil thoughts of an evil man who probably devised wicked schemes similar to what he predicted. Concerning the current economic crisis I am going to share some of my thoughts about this matter. In 1999 legislation was passed called the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. The Glass-Steagall Act was enacted after the Great Depression to prevent another Great Depression. At this point I would like to ask a simple question. Why would a bi-partisan congress repeal a Law that is designed to prevent a Great Depression unless that was exactly what they wanted to happen? There can be no doubt of what the consequences of doing this would be... another Great Depression. Commercial Banks and Investment Banks were once again allowed to merge and engage in disastrous lending practices with predicable consequences. This is why I can't help but think that Congress, at the time that the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act knew exactly what they were going to do when the "disaster" struck. They were going to take the money from the rest of the population through taxation. I believe it was all premeditated. At this point I know there are going to be nay-sayers who are going to scream "conspiracy theory". All I have to say is this to those people, examine the evidence yourself. Consider this, the people who took out loans that they couldn't pay back, many of these same people bought homes that had hyper-inflated prices didn't they. They lost those homes and they are now owned by the banks who are selling them at about half the cost. They got bailed out with whose money? Yours, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children, your unborn children, their unborn children. That is the amount of money that you have been robbed of and yet you don't realize it yet simply because they haven't started taxing you. That is coming very soon. They won't have to shoot you and take all you have, you simply won't be able to afford to heat or cool your homes and you are going to die from illnesses related to those conditions. This will especially be true once you have Socialized Medicine. This is already what is happening in the UK and Canada, people are being given pain pills and are dying because they are being refused treatment. The old fashioned way of killing off populations in a hostile takeover using bombs and bullets are passe now, it's going to be done through impoverishment and denial of medical treatment. I know many who read this will scoff, but when it is happening to you, your parents, your grandparents, and even your children, maybe then you will realize what I told you here was the truth. But then... it will be too late. It may already be too late. Just because you think someone has your best interests at heart doesn't mean they do.

A Christian's Parable...

There have been Christian Scholars who have commented on Idevhourual who have been inspired to tell this parable for the ears of those who have become Apostates. It is as follows…

There came about a time in the history of men when in those western nations whom had a state sanctioned church, whereby those whom God had entrusted with the power of Government had appointed Sheppards of the Flock who cared nothing for the flock nor for God. In fact those whom were in positions of power to appoint such men had forsaken God and neither had any love for God nor any fear of His wrath. These Sheppards were appointed to lead the flock into a false sense of security as vicious wolves were imported into their nation so as to “thin out the flock”. One might say the rulers and the Sheppards had become nihilists or perhaps had come to a place where they had nothing but contempt for the sheep and the goats as well. It’s hard to say for there was some speculation as to whether they brought the vicious wolves in to create a spectacle of slaughter or whether they were using the wolves as “murderous useful idiots” so that an iron fisted totalitarian state could be established and the sheep and goats could be not only fleeced and starved down for their was “just too many mouths to feed”.

Along came a Man of God with a message to both those in power and to those sheppards who were leading the goats and the sheep to their slaughter saying, “There once was a land owner who had gone on a long journey and had entrusted his estate to certain individuals to tend his flocks and feed them at their appropriate time and protect them. After some time had passed those left in charge started saying, “He’s dead!! Now we can seize control for there is no longer anybody to punish us if we seize control of all he owns!!”. So it was that they, those people in power and the false Sheppard’s, proceeded to slaughter the sheep and goats and feast off of their flesh. They sold their wool, and made a handsome profit from all the parts of their bodies they could sell. They also let the wolves devour them as well and even rewarded them for a time while muzzling all those who bleated warnings about the wolves. They also sent out false criers who proclaimed, “All you have heard about wolves is a lie!! They are peaceful!!! They love Peace!!”, so as to deceive the goats and the sheep. These false criers were also handsomely rewarded for their deception. In addition those in power began issuing warnings saying, “There are certain dangerous sheep and goats whom we suspect are terrorists, expose them to those in power so that there might be “law and order in the land and peace”!!” This was done so as to inspire those who were on the verge of rebellion to “create a terrorist incident” that did not include the wolves so as to take all the attention off of the wolves. When any of these sheep or goats did rebel, the false criers were once again sent out shouting “Beware of the Sheep!!! Beware of the Goats!! They are Terrorists!!”. They criers did this non-stop with bullhorns so as to intimidate and terrify the sheep and goats into being afraid and wondering who was going to be next to disappear, this is to say they were slaughtered or placed in pens with all the intention of slaughtering them or silencing them. When the Land Owner returned at a time when they did not expect, what do you suppose he did to them? Let the reader figure this one out, for there were false men in the land also that proclaimed that the Land Owner would not punish anybody. “

It should be noted that this parable also applies to those false Sheppard’s in lands where there is no state sanctioned church that are deceiving the sheep and the goats.

The Destruction of the Economy of the Non-Cannibals...

Doneetme stated that Imsohungre predicted that Idevhourual would institute what can best be translated as "extended unemployment benefits" to the people of the nation he has come to power in. While Idevhourual is destroying the economy of this non-cannibal superpower and putting people out of work, he will need to placate the non-cannibals long enough so he can "get the job done" concerning the destruction of the Non-Cannibal Superpower. The idea is something like the "bread and circuses" of the Roman Empire, give the non-cannibals bread and circuses so they won't take to the streets and riot or engage in a revolutionary overthrow of Idevhourual's regime.

The Slavery promulgated by Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’...

Doneetme reported that Imsohungre told a story concerning Idevhourual and the “Non-Cannibal Kings”. It is as follows, “The non-cannibal rulers at the time that Idevhourual comes to power will be put into power by the popular vote of the non-cannibal population. The irony concerning this is that only those non-cannibals with large amounts of money, who are tyrants, will be being voted in since they will be able to promote themselves. These Non-Cannibals consider the common non-cannibals as their cattle, their sheep, their slaves to fleece, to abuse and destroy as they please. These men will be afraid of the slaves for they are afraid that they will one day realize what it is that they have been doing to them for generations, this is to say that they have been robbing them, pilfering from them. They will tax them heavily and give this money to their cronies who in turn will give them large sums of money to keep them in power. It’s a vicious cycle that the common non-cannibal does not understand for the most part!!!” (Imsohungre laughed hysterically like a mad man as he stated this.) Imsohungre went on to say, “Idevhourual will promise these non-cannibal men that he will make them ‘Kings for Life’ if they will sell out their fellow non-cannibals.”. Idevhourual will go on to say, “We shall all enslave them, destroy any political opposition and get rich together. After all, you non-cannibal ‘Kings for Life’ aren’t really that different than cannibals, you devour the homes of orphans and widows!!”. These “Kings for Life” will buy into the plots and schemes of Idevhourual wholeheartedly and betray the non-cannibals they consider “common rabble” . Doneetme went on to say that Imsohhungre said, “And so it will be that Idevhourual will convince the ‘Kings for Life’, that the best way to rob and enslave the “common rabble” is to borrow incredibly massive amounts of money that the ‘common rabble’ will be responsible to repay. (this is akin to what is now called ‘Identity Theft’) By this means Idevhourual and the “Kings for Life” will rob and enslave the “common rabble” through ‘Taxation without Representation’. The irony in all this is that Idevhourual will bring these “Kings for Life” existence to an end once he seizes power. Idevhourual will have assassination teams exterminate these “Kings for Life” and frame the “common rabble” as the culprits all while he is laughing hysterically about how he promised them they would be ‘Kings for Life’, but he hadn’t told them he would snuff their lives out just in case they had remorse and decided to repent of their wicked hatred for the “common rabble” as this is contrary to the will of the Cannibal Creator.

Another of the companions of Imsohungre, Stufyofaz reported the Seer stated, "The non-cannibal people in the super power of the world will for a time demand that fences be erected to keep cannibals and other non-cannibals out of their nation. The 'Kings for Life' will refuse to do so until Idevhourual comes to power. Once Idevhourual and the 'Kings for Life' rob the masses of non-cannibals they will say, 'We must keep our slaves contained within the nation. We wouldn't want our livestock to escape!!'. So at the first 'crisis' that arises whereby they can justify erecting fences to 'keep the livestock corralled', they will erect the fences that they had previously refused to erect. This will also be done to keep the many immigrant hordes confined within the nation's borders so as to fleece them and slaughter them. The biggest irony in all of this will be that those who most wanted Idevhourual in power will also be butchered lest they 'come to their senses'." Stufyofaz went on to say that Imsohungre was rolling on the ground and laughing when he said these things.

The New Abolitionist Movement…

Doneetme quoted Imsohungre as saying, “The day will come when the Non-Cannibal people of the nation he has come to power in will realize how Idevhourual has deceived the Non-Cannibal ‘Kings for Life’ into robbing and enslaving the masses of non-cannibals. When this happens, the non-cannibal masses will create a movement which in the language of Imsohungre is called ‘thrautthebums’ but as it is translated into English, ‘The New Abolitionist Movement’”. Doneetme went on to say that Imsohungre stated, “Idevhourual will have no slave blood in him whatsoever, but rather his ancestors will come from the wealthy bankers of the society as well as a Cannibal background. He, along with the ‘Kings for Life’ will enslave the masses of non-cannibals with massive debt within Ninety Nine days. (An irony Imsohungre stated, is that the ‘Kings for Life’ will secretly speak contemptuously of Idevhourual using racial slurs and slurs concerning his Cannibal beliefs, but Idevhourual will know this and laugh hysterically in private as he knows his plans to exterminate them as well as the non-cannibal masses). Nevertheless, the non-cannibal masses will start a new movement called the ‘New Abolitionist Movement’, which is in reference to the financial slavery rather than racial slavery which Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’ will foist on the masses of non-cannibals. They will do this with the false pretext of ‘it’s for the good of the people for it is the will of the people’ or another phrase they will use is, ‘we have a mandate from the people to take the wealth of the people, the property of the people, and all the fruits of the labor of the people, for it is the will of the people’. They will say this because they got the people to ‘vote them into power’ although those in power will follow a doctrine of ‘it’s not who votes that matters, but rather who is counting the votes’”. Doneetme stated that Imsohungre murmured something incoherent at this point that he could not understand and that he was uncertain as to whether Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’ would succeed in enslaving the masses of non-cannibals. He also said there was something of contempt, disgust, and anger as to whether this ‘New Abolitionist Movement’ would succeed or if Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’ would stamp the life out of the people who are a part of this movement. It was as though a deep cloud of darkness came over Imsohungre at this point. One point of interest concerning this movement is that it was not comprised of people of any specific race for they all understood what Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’ were doing.

Many non-cannibal scholars have stated that they believed that this movement will become more organized and start targeting the tyrants on all levels of Government and present principled men, God fearing men to run against them so that they can be removed from power. These people will produce lists of the tyrannical lawsuits that these Godless men have used to drag people into court and deny them their rights and rob them through the legal system with numerous lawsuits. They will canvas neighborhoods, going door to door with the documentation to expose these monsters, these lawless men who are promoting tyranny against those whom are expressing their ‘freedom of speech’. It is hard to say as to whether the non-cannibals will succeed in this matter as the enslavement of the masses will be thrust upon them in such a short period of time. There is another concern as many of the non-cannibals (as Imsohungre stated with glee) will be deceived into thinking Idevhourual and the ’Kings for Life’ are doing what they are doing so that they will be taken care of ‘from cradle to grave’ or that they are just trying to ‘create heaven on earth’. Indeed Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’ are trying to do such things, but only for themselves and not the ignorant rabble, who to them are nothing more than menedumas or ‘useful idiots’. That is why the doctrines and tenets of Cannibal Theology will be taught in the education system so that the masses will be educated in ignorance and be brought up to be good ‘slaves of the state’, meanwhile Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’ will have their ‘heaven on earth’ as they call it. Non-cannibal scholars call Idevhourual and the ‘Kings for Life’, ‘Lawless men who will enact lawless laws to silence the opposition and imprison them if they oppose them’.

The major hurdle that has to be jumped for those non-cannibals however is that if they are merely engaging in this ‘New Abolitionist Movement’ for the wealth of this world, it will surely fail. There has to be something more, a foundation of truth that drives them to press on in this matter. The reason for this is that men who are motivated by wealth alone are prone to betrayal if enough money is offered to them. If it is not in their hearts to love the true Creator, to reverence Him as one that can destroy both body and soul they will surely betray other non-cannibals. Imsohungre stated that, “Idevhourual will seek to undermine the ‘New Abolitionist Movement’ by means of bribing those in that movement whom he can bribe so that he can destroy the movement. He will also send spies into that movement to undermine it and cause division as well!!”. Therefore it is important to understand that unless the foundation for the basis of this movement is a love for the true Creator and a Reverence for Him, this movement will fail.

A Critical Analysis of the "Religion" of Cannibalism

The consequences of Cannibalism gaining the "protected status" as a "religion" in Western Nations has inspired many intellectuals to further examine just exactly what kind of beast that Cannibalism is. It was determined that the best way to deal with this matter was to examine those nations where the "Religion of Cannibalism" established a "Cannibalistic State". This is, after all, the openly expressed "purpose and goal" of the "Religion of Cannibalism".

All you have to do to see what the "Religion of Cannibalism" has inspired in the world is to go to the nations where the Cannibalistic State has been established. We must by all means be pragmatic in examining the consequences of what Cannibalism produces in it's final form to understand it. We must be able to do this without "fear of retribution" and with the right to criticize the end results of what Cannibalism produces.

The end results of the "Religion of Cannibalism" are best summarized in the following manner. Cannibalism produces poverty for the vast majority of the people in the nations where Cannibal Law is the Law of the Land. Cannibalism also concentrates wealth and power into the hands of "The Few", this is to say those who either claim to be "Good Cannibals" or those who claim to be "Descendants of Imsohungre", the Seer of Cannibalism, depending on which version of the "Cannibalistic State" exists in a given region.

The Cannibalistic Religion also promotes ignorance and superstition in those nations where Cannibalism rules because the only education (for the most part) that is taught in those nations is based on the Venerated Writings of Cannibalism. There is no need for the education system of the "Inferior West" when the Cannibals possess the "Truth from the Creator". This is a paraphrase of a common saying in Cannibalistic States. On the other hand, those Cannibals in power in Cannibalistic Nations get the best Western Education they can in order to retain power in their nations. They teach the common cannibal that when their economy is bad that it's their fault because, "They haven't practiced the teachings of Cannibalism good enough and the Cannibal Creator is punishing them" or that "The Non-Cannibals are conspiring against them to destroy them".

Cannibalism shouldn't be classified as a "Religion", because it's ultimate goal is to establish a "Theocratic State". The Cannibalistic State ALWAYS replaces a nation's existing religion(s), national heroes, and history with the Religion, heroes, and History of Cannibalism wherever they overthrow the Non-Cannibalistic government. All ancient history of these former non-cannibal nations are replaced and dismissed as being the "Time of Darkness" and the children of a conquered nation are indoctrinated from the time they can talk with Cannibalistic teachings. Cannibalism is ultimately "Cannibal Colonization and Cannibal Theocracy" rather than a religion. In modern times however, the strategy for establishing the Cannibalistic State has changed from having an Army to force the Theocratic State upon the non-cannibal world and has instead shifted to a "strategy of weakness" that is using what resources that they have amassed to bribe western politicians and to colonize through lax western immigration laws (after all most Western nations have been annihilating their own offspring and future generation(s) through abortion anyway calling them "unwanted", "another mouth to feed", and "not human prior to birth, ie no human rights").

Enabling Cannibalism

Cannibals are having a great deal of success with the "strategy of weakness", since some Western Politicians are always looking to line their pockets and are rationalizing what they are doing with thoughts of "A Cannibal State will never exist here in my time, things will be good for me", or "I will work this to my advantage and double cross these ignorant cannibals later", or "if these Cannibals succeed in establishing a Cannibalistic State, I will convert and perhaps I will become a part of the "New Aristocracy". These Western Politicians can best be classified as agnostics, atheists, or just "natural men" who are only self centered.

Other Western Politicians who are succumbing to the Cannibalistic agenda, the "strategy of weakness" are deluded because they do not believe that the "material world really exists" and that all that seems to exist is a part of what they call the "Divine Mind". Since all that exists is merely an illusion, to these politicians, the logical conclusion can only be that a militant Theocratic Cannibalism doesn't really exist either. These Politicians can best be described as being in the "Mind Science Cults" which have their origin in Hinduism.

Finally there are the Politicians who are Universalists, who think all religions are "part of the picture" of who God is. These aren't people who have any real convictions about what is "true" at all, but are rather people who think all religions are the same. Maybe the best way to describe Universalism is that it is every bit as polytheistic as Hinduism except that it does not deny that reality exists. It's just that there is a pantheon of gods. The biggest irony concerning Universalists is that they like to claim, quite often, that they are Christians. They are not, they usually have great hostility to what Christ taught and do everything they can to undermine Christianity. These "Universalist Politicians" claim to be "born again" (and Christ did teach that you need to be "born again", but these people redefine what that is), but they don't know the Christ of the Bible. Many of their "churches" promote Jesus as being just another "god" for people of other religions to place amongst their pantheon of gods. It's like having a little "idol" of Jesus to place amongst all the other idols that people bow their knees to. The Universalists do not believe that there is any real threat from Cannibalistic beliefs since they think that we are all really just worshiping the same god anyway. These people are absolutely deluded. I would also classify the "christian" churches who are syncretistic, this is to say, those who practice the "fusion of differing systems of belief", right along with the Universalists as well.

These categories of politicians and their belief systems are what is causing the Fall of Western Civilization. It is regrettable that this also a reflection of what the "common beliefs" of the people of many western nations are today. The one thing that all these categories of beliefs have in common is this, none of them are able to discern between good and evil, right and wrong. In the ancient history, the main form of defense against enemy armies destroying a city was the external walls of defense. All those who subscribe to Universalism, atheism/agnosticism, Syncretism, or the "mind science" cults where everything is an illusion are like those cities, they have no defense against those who would destroy them.

The Pinnacle of Man's Wisdom - A Christian Perspective

What we are seeing in the "multi-cultural" movement of today is nothing new. It's the same thing that happened in Ancient Greece where every man did what was right in his own eyes and worshiped many "gods". For many of the people in Western Nations today, they think this is what the Founding Fathers of their nations meant when they used the term "separation of church and state" as though the State is to discriminate against the Church. It's not. As a consequence, it's not surprising that the imminent threat of destruction of Western Civilization is at hand, it is as though people are blind, and without understanding, unable to determine "right and wrong" or "good and evil" anymore. These same people (which encompasses the majority of people in Western Nations consider this "belief" to be "sanity", but is it? Does this sort of "sanity", which will ultimately result in the destruction of their nations and their freedom, is this "sanity"? I don't think so. I don't see how it could be. It's sheer madness! And yet, these same people who hold to this belief as though it were from the Creator Himself, will mock and despise Jesus Christ and those who follow Him calling them "mentally ill" or "insane". It's an ironic that the pinnacle of man's wisdom leads him to his own destruction and this is especially true with the toleration of the religion of Cannibalism in Western Nations.

More on Cannibal Influence in the West...

In the mean time, the Cannibals could donate huge sums of money to all the major Universities that would offer degrees in “Cannibal Studies”. These Universities could offer "Cannibal Culinary Courses" on how to cook a "Swangee" (A Swangee is the person who casts magic spells on the victim who in turn gets to kill and eat the Swangee). No doubt those who achieved a high score in this class would be voted "most likely to get a head"! Students at these Universities could easily be persuaded to be Cannibal Sympathizers since so much animosity towards Christians and Jews is already preached in these Universities as it is. What a brave new world we could live in! If anybody complains about the tolerance of Cannibalism in our society, we could say "Hey, what's eating you?".